-- 2017 Chili Fly In --

TO: All FAA/Air Traffic Controller (ATC) and Airborne Law Enforcement Personnel

The Los Angeles Police Department, Air Support Division, will host its Annual Chili Fly-In on Thursday, November 9th, 2017 between 1030-1400hrs at the Jay Stephen Hooper Memorial Heliport, located at 555 Ramirez Street, Space 475, Los Angeles.

This annual event is designed to demonstrate our appreciation for the outstanding cooperation that ATC personnel have offered public safety aviation during the past year. All local ATC and public safety aviation personnel are invited to attend this gala function. This event is also a Southern California Regional Public Safety Aviation Coordination Excercise (SCRPSACE!!).

Traditionally, LAPD and other public safety aviation units have provided FAA personnel within the Southern California area with air transportation to/from Hooper Heliport. This year, however, there will be limited aviation resources available. It is requested that only those actually performing ATC roles solicit air transport services. In order to optimize resources and develop a transportation schedule, please forward your transportation needs request, including the number of people who desire to attend, no later than Oct 30th. Additionally, if any public safety aviation agency is able to assist with transportation of ATC personnel from their area of jurisdiction, please email or telephone Sgt. Jaime Marin at (213) 485-2600 or FAX (213) 473-8186.

Very truly yours,

Chief of Police

Captain Gary Walters
Commanding Officer
Air Support Division

LAPD Air Support Division